Spanish Virtual Open 2020

Kyokushin Karate virtual championship in kata and kumite open to all countries and organizations


Senior kata men
Senior kata women
Senior kumite men
Senior kumite women
Junior kata mixed
Junior kumite mixed

Senior kata men

1. Pedro Estevan Navarro

2. Viacheslav Radune

3. Adrián Arnaiz Leché

3. Jordi Gisbert Rey

Senior kata women

1. An Polimeno-Driesens

2. Uxue López de Alda

3. Lidia Soriano Bea

3. Mariví Estevan Navarro

Senior kumite men

1. Radmir Priadka

2. David Estela Marrades

3. José Miguel Gómez Tapia

3. Hugo Cruz

Senior kumite women

1. Agnieszka Winek

2. Maria Adriá Ruiz

3. Mariví Estevan Navarro

3. Andrea Alcaraz Hernández

Junior kata mixed

1. Aitana Talens Peris

2. Alexandre Gascó Rodrigáñez

3. Salva Blasco Núñez

3. Marta Adriá Ruiz

Junior kumite mixed

1. Viacheslav Zaslavet

2. Marta Adriá Ruiz

3. Kamil Kisiel

3. Karol Narożniak


As indicated in the Official Invitation, the arbitration will be carried out by referees from the Kyokushinkai Spain Federation. Specifically, the following teams have been organized:

Kata referee team

  • Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera
  • Shihan Jose Maria Lozano
  • Shihan Pascual Requena
  • Shihan Pedro Soriano
  • Sensei Lorena Nueda
  • Sensei Álex Cerrada
  • Senpai Jesús Sánchez

Kumite referee team

  • Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera
  • Shihan Jose Maria Lozano
  • Shihan Pascual Requena
  • Shihan Pedro Soriano
  • Shihan Leonardo Adrià
  • Sensei Juan M. Piñero
  • Senpai Kepa Etxeberria


The organizer of the event is the Kyokushinkai Spain Federation —member of the World Karate Organization (WKO) Shinkyokushinkai—, together with Leo Urban Sport dojo.



Junior: 16 and 17 years old

Senior: over 18 years old

Depending on the number of competitors, the categories will be mixed or separated into men and women.


Since it is a virtual championship —that is, quite different from the usual mechanics— we proceed to explain the procedure in each of the modalities: kata and kumite. Both will use draws.

Kata: in the first rounds, a random mandatory kata will be selected for each pair of competitors —which will be shown in draws—. Competitors will have 24 hours to send their video. After this time, referees will have another 24 hours to make a decision. This procedure will be repeated until there is a winner. In semi-finals and finals, competitors will choose one of the free kata.

Kumite: competitors will submit a unique 2 minute video doing a shadow fight. This same video that will be confronting the following opponents until obtaining a winner. Aspects such as kime, technique, speed, aesthetics or variety will be valued, taking into account both defense and attack.

IMPORTANT: all the videos will be publicly accessible from the draws, which will be published on this website.

Official invitation

You can check all the details of the mandatory and free katas, procedure, rules… in the official invitation of the championship.


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